Make Your Medical Practice Risk-Free & Stay Up-to-Date

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires strict action against unethical, malicious, and dubious activities, and why not! PHI (Protected Health Information) is supposed to be protected. Intentional negligence violates the patients’ rights and cannot be taken lightly.
The success of a medical practice starts with the proper, integrated, and technology-driven security measures in an organization. Thus, a HIPAA security analysis not only supports quality care but also gives control over data management.

Safeguard Information on Technical Front

The technical front is the first step towards a progressive and technically advanced medical practice. If you have outsourced medical billing service to another company or have an in-house team, ensure measures to restrict unauthorized data access.

Ensure Physical & Administrative Safety

Be vigilant of physical safeguards and implement device and media control, which comes under the administration level. It will add an extra security layer against false intentions. Moreover, this cushion will restrict potential data breaches.
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Protect Your Practice from Intentional Negligence & Stay Safe from Penalties

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis is a way to pinpoint problematic areas whether in your data transmission process or information access or data storage in EHRs. Our analysts, at Avant-Garde BPO, analyze your organization inside out to warn you about potential threats. The more aware you are about the safety parameters, the stronger barrier you can build against breaches.


Dedicated Security Officer

An experienced staff under a trained officer makes security measures easily manageable.


Module-Based Risk Assessment

Our team segments every sector and searches for areas that can pose threat to ePHI.


Recovery Plans against Vulnerabilities

We do not just highlight faulty areas but provide an effective plan of action to rectify issues.

How We May Help You?

Our risk analysis includes all aspects laid out by the OCR (Office for Civil Rights) to guarantee the required security measures in place.


Potential vulnerabilities for ePHI confidentiality, availability, & integrity


Identify problems where ePHI is stored, received, and maintained


Possible risk and vulnerability analysis in the documentation of information


Configured technical safeguards to check if they work fine or not


The potential threats that may disturb patients’ privacy & workflow


Determine the level of security threat identified in risk analysis

Team of Analysts
Experience of years
Secured Practices
MIPS submission