Medical Data Migration

Are you transitioning from one EMR to another? Is the transition plan for employees from the old EHR system to the new EHR system overwhelming you? Fret not! We have you covered. Avant-Garde EHR migration path ensures a smooth transition from the get-go.

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Under this service, you can expect to get MIPS full form in healthcare reporting, from the selection of measures; exclusion of topped out measures; awareness on Quality reporting; and, finally, submission to CMS. At each step, EPs, eligible hospitals, and CAHs are kept informed.

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HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

It is one of the primary duties a healthcare practice must demonstrate. If your facility successfully attests to HIPAA security risk assessment checks, it means you win against breach threats of any kind. Avant-Garde works for small physician practices to large ones to make them breach-proof!

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ACO Data Submission

Healthcare in its drive to become value-based leads us on a path of compliance programs, and ACO data submission is one of them. Are you looking to comply with ACO quality measures this year? Or, are you looking to deal with the Medicare Shared Savings Program? In both cases, we have you covered.

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HEDIS Reporting

For participants looking to achieve HEDIS scores and star ratings, you are in the right place. Avant-Garde reports HEDIS measures on behalf of organizations. Generally, NCQA collects data from health plans, medical organizations, and government enterprises. It doesn’t have to be complex; we have the experience to get you across the finish line.

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Medicaid Promoting Interoperability

The program does justice to the use of EHRs. The renaming of meaningful use of EHRs to Promoting Interoperability of EHRs signifies the value of patient access to their data, better care coordination, and health information exchange in general. We are here to get you incentives and bonuses; however, the data must be reported over 90 consecutive days.

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