RCM – Empowering the Healthcare Industry’s Foundation!

Dedicated clinicians tirelessly serve patients while shouldering administrative burdens, longing for financial freedom. That’s where various organizations come into play, alleviating the administrative load and keeping the revenue cycle intact. In this triumph, Avant Garde stands out, optimizing medical practices with improved workflow and increased collections.


A Strong RCM System Fortifies Medical Practices

Bridge the gaps in your billing process and maximize financial benefits. The rising demand for medical billing services and QPP MIPS consulting attests to the need for support in executing operations without the burden of paperwork and accounts receivable. Our professional team ensures your financial success.


Streamlined Reimbursements through a Systematic Approach

Achieving a seamless revenue cycle management may present challenges, but we have the expertise to overcome them. Our team of skilled medical billing auditors and billers meticulously analyzes each step and designs strategies tailored to your practice’s needs.


Evaluate RCM Efficiency with our Assistance

While the healthcare industry embraces interoperable billing and MIPS reporting solutions, streamlined revenue cycle management goes beyond that. Operational accuracy is the key to empower medical practices and take control of their accounts.


Enhancing Efficiency through Key Services:


Medical claims scrubbing: Our certified coders meticulously review claims, detecting and rectifying errors before submission.

Follow-up services: We persistently pursue claim acceptance, rectifying and resubmitting denials with professional expertise.

Denial management services: Proactively managing claim denials, we ensure accurate resubmissions, adhering to payer requirements.

Weekly reporting: Keeping you informed and accountable, we provide detailed reports on a weekly or monthly basis.

Dedicated accounts manager: We prioritize clear communication with physicians, assigning a dedicated accounts manager to ensure quality, transparency, and peace of mind.

We’ll streamline your RCM