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A fall in MIPS score below 75 points can result in up to a 9% penalty.

The QPP has provided a merit-based incentive payment system, in which providers step in to get financial rewards while upgrading the level of care delivery and patient outcomes at the same time. So, after six years of invaluable contributions to providers’ professional reputations and financial prosperity, the time has come to embark on another journey—MIPS 2023. And Avant-Garde has got you covered with its MIPS consulting and reporting services throughout the performance year 2023.

What will MIPS 2023 Bring for You?

The quality payment program is advancing in line with its strategic goals. As a result, several policy adjustments have been made. Through its MIPS reporting program this year, the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services will encourage meaningful provider engagement and enhanced care. Therefore, QPP MIPS reporting program pushes the boundaries of healthcare. It asks all qualified clinicians to report on a set of measures that is comparatively more integrated and cohesive. Also, CMS will give comparative feedback to all of its participants with their payment adjustments.

Underlined Objectives for MIPS Reporting in PY 2023

The QPP MIPS performance year 2023 reporting highlights future healthcare benefits. Therefore, the MIPS program implementation has the following objectives to be met:

  • Integrate quality into the care process.
  • Promote health equity by taking strict measures while making improvements in activity decisions.
  • Encourage participation to increase clinical participation.
  • Enhance data and information sharing through improved, comparable feedback.
  • Development of new MVPs.
  • Advancement of Subgroup Participation.

MIPS Healthcare Reporting: Who Can Participate?

These eligible clinician types can actively participate in MIPS and drive quality improvement in healthcare.

  • Physicians, including specialists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physician assistants
  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Certified registered nurse anesthetists
  • Qualified speech-language pathologists
  • Qualified audiologists
  • Registered dietitians or nutrition professionals
  • Certified nurse midwives
  • Osteopathic practitioners

Let Us be your Helping Hand in MIPS 2023 Reporting!

The weighted contribution of the categories in MIPS 2023 has not changed in any way. The maximum negative payment adjustment for the 2022 payment year (2020 performance year) and after will be -9% onwards, according to the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), which was passed in 2015.

  • For the MIPS 2023 performance year, CY 2025 will be the relative payment year.
  • It’s mandatory to score above the low volume threshold (75 points) to retain MIPS eligibility.
  • CMS will assign MIPS final scores to all eligible clinicians after a complete evaluation.

As a qualified MIPS reporting registry, we are here to help you meet MIPS reporting requirements. We empower you to fulfill your duties outstandingly and adhere to the MIPS reporting deadlines and provide dependable MIPS reporting plans for all those providers who request our MIPS consulting services.

We have the 2015 Edition Cures Update Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The American Medical Association (AMA) places a high value on the efficient use of EHR because of its involvement in:

  • Supporting a provider’s practice
  • Optimizing patient care
  • Improving the practice’s efficiency

Get Through MIPS 2023 with Us

When you receive a MIPS consultation from us, there are countless opportunities to exceed the maximum performance threshold in every segment of the MIPS eligibility determination period. We cater to your most secure and compassionate MIPS reporting service throughout and help you achieve a higher MIPS final score, dropping the possibility of a penalty to zero. We work to satisfy the data completeness standards for every category measure with our digital healthcare reporting systems. For example, we can assist you in obtaining MIPS points by doing the following:

  • For each of the six chosen quality measures, we can assist you in reporting at least 70% of the denominator-eligible patients or cases. Additionally, to achieve the highest quality improvement score, we have ways to help you perform better in the quality area. We can also help small practices get six additional bonus points that are solely available to them.
  • We will advise your practice on how to optimize their improvement measures. By reporting high- and medium-weighted actions across a 90-day performance period in the calendar year (CY) 2023, participants will achieve the highest possible score.
  • Avant-Grade can aid you in obtaining the cost-improvement score privilege. Effective cost performance category reporting now receives 1/100 of a percentage point under the MIPS 2023 Cost Category adjustment.

That is just a small illustration of what a MIPS-qualified registry may do to best serve you during the performance year 2023. Contact us to reap the most benefits from MIPS 2023 reporting.

Know the deadlines for MIPS 2023 in advance!

October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022

Initial Eligibility Determination Period (Segment 1)

October 3, 2022

Virtual Group Election Initiates for PY 2023

November 2022

Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) Final Rule releases for CY 2023

December 2022

Initial PY 2023 MIPS Eligibility Available

December 31, 2022

Virtual Group Election Ends for PY 2023

January 1, 2023

PY 2023 Commence

April 3, 2023

➢     CAHPS for MIPS Survey Registration Starts(Optional)

[Open till June 30, 2023]

➢     MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs) Registration Starts

[Open till November 30, 2023]

Note: For those reporting CAHPS for MIPS Survey associated with an MVP, MVP registration and the CAHPS for MIPS Survey registration must be done separately within their individual deadlines.

Spring/Summer 2023

Quality Payment Program Exception Applications Window Opens

➢     Apply for Quality Payment Program Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances Exception either for any or all MIPS categories


➢     Apply for Hardship Exception to the Promoting Interoperability performance category

[Available till January 2, 2024]

June 30, 2023

➢     CAHPS for MIPS Survey Registration Ends

Note: For those reporting CAHPS for MIPS Survey associated with an MVP, MVP registration may also be done by June 30 for alignment with CAHPS for MIPS registration deadline.

July 2023

QP Determinations & APM Participation Snapshot 1

QP Status Updates on QPP Site

[March 31 APM Snapshot date]

October 2023

QP Determinations & APM Participation Snapshot 2

QP Status Updates on QPP Site

[June 30 APM Snapshot date]

October 3, 2023

Last Day for initiating a 90-day Performance Period for Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities

November 30, 2023

MVP Registration Closes for PY 2023

December 2023

➢     Final Eligibility Confirmed for MIPS Reporting PY 2023

➢     QP Determinations & APM Participation Snapshot 3

QP Status Updates on QPP Site

[August 31 APM Snapshot date]

December 31, 2023

Completion of Performance Year (PY) 2023 of MIPS Reporting

January 2, 2024

➢     Closure of QPP Exception Applications Window for PY 2023

➢     Opening of Submission Window for PY 2023

March 2024

QP Determinations & APM Participation Snapshot 4

QP Status Updates on QPP Site

[December 31, 2023 APM Snapshot date]

April 1, 2024

Closure of Submission Window for PY 2023

Late Spring/Early Summer 2024

MIPS Final Score Preview Available for PY 2023

Late Summer 2024

➢     Performance Feedback Available along with Payment Adjustment Information

➢     Targeted Review Opens
(After Availability of Payment Adjustment Information)

Fall 2024

Targeted Review Ceases

(60 Days after Releasing Payment Adjustment Information)

January 1, 2025

Payment Adjustments for MIPS PY 2023

[Continue through December 31, 2025]

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