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MIPS 2022 not only offers incentives and bonuses but also has a significant impact on a provider’s professional reputation. This payment adjustment program requires data submission from all eligible participants and assigns payment adjustments or penalties based on their QPP MIPS score. Even those who have not previously participated in MIPS due to COVID or other hardship exceptions, as well as practices from rural areas, can now take advantage of MIPS 2022 measures to improve their performance and score.

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) is bipartisan legislation that drives QPP MIPS and similar programs, reflecting the empowerment of the MACRA act. President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law on March 23, 2010, to enhance quality access to affordable healthcare practices for all. MACRA became law on April 16, 2015.

MIPS 2022 is currently underway, and CMS has made several changes to the current MIPS reporting. For example, CMS has raised the performance threshold score from 45-60 to avoid penalties, as done in previous years. Eligible clinicians can now submit their data for different measures until March 31, 2023, following a series of steps. Just like in previous years, CMS has allowed MIPS-qualified registries like ours to submit data on behalf of eligible practices for QPP 2022.

MACRA and MIPS work hand in hand, with quality, value, and accountability serving as the pillars of MIPS. Eligible clinicians (ECs) have nothing to lose and everything to gain by achieving the goal. MIPS incentives are there to give your practice the necessary boost.


The CMS-Trusted MIPS Qualified Registry 2022 for Physicians

Submitting MIPS 2022 Quality Measures is no longer sufficient as the years go by. The administrative burden, the pressure of reporting MIPS 2022 data, and specialty-based reporting requirements are all challenging aspects.

Seeking assistance from an experienced MIPS 2022 Qualified Registry provides much-needed relief from paperwork, allowing clinicians to focus on their primary tasks. While our consultants document your performance for timely data submission, you can enhance your clinical practices. Successful data submission entails various steps that lead to incentives of up to 5%. To achieve this recognition, consult Avant Garde.


MIPS 2022 Quality Reporting Steps:

Step 1: Understand Your Reporting Requirements

Step 2: Choose Your Quality Measures

Step 3: Collect Your Data

Step 4: Submit Your Data


Clinician-Friendly Packages

As a MIPS Qualified Registry, we offer three packages to cover different levels of rewards within the program:

  1. MIPS Essential – Avoid penalties
  2. MIPS Budget-Neutral – Avoid penalties and earn up to 3 “x” incentives
  3. Benchmark MIPS – Avoid penalties, earn up to 3 “x” incentives, and become eligible for bonuses from the $500 million pool

The administrative load of MIPS 2022 reporting is the most challenging part, but we will take care of it.