Regrettably, inadequate medical billing services have resulted in an annual loss of approximately $125 billion for doctors (Equifax as a source).



Save Time and Money with Avant Garde’s Medical Billing Services

Through our experience and surveys, we understand the many challenges faced by healthcare providers. Treating patients is already a demanding job, and managing claims and accounts receivable adds to the burden for many.

To support physicians in optimizing their performance in this area, we offer efficient medical billing management. Each medical specialty has its own unique set of rules, and we are here to provide a tailored solution that won’t hinder the growth of your practice. By outsourcing your medical billing services, you can experience satisfaction, knowing that you don’t have to personally oversee every claim. Our team of professionals will handle it for you, ensuring timely claim submissions, while you can focus on providing care to your patients.

Medical billing is a complex task that requires attention, but we are here to assist you. Billing involves the payment received by physicians for the medical services rendered, while coding directly impacts the cash flow. Healthcare organizations depend on both aspects to maintain a steady reimbursement process. Carelessness in this process can result in missed revenue opportunities, denied claims, late follow-ups, and poor accounts receivable management.


Why choose our Medical Billing Services?

  1. Improved Cash Flow: Our team of Medical Billing experts puts significant effort into implementing a secure and steady revenue cycle management (RCM) system to ensure timely reimbursements and a consistent cash flow.
  2. Speedy Submissions: We utilize compatible health IT software to submit claims at a faster pace. Additionally, modern IT solutions like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) help minimize manual errors and eliminate unnecessary overheads.
  3. Efficient Client Support: Our experienced medical billers are readily available to address any queries or concerns you may have. Whether you need assistance with your RCM or want to review monthly collections, we provide dedicated support to ensure your satisfaction.
  4. HIPAA-Compliance: P3Care adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), providing trusted medical billing services that assist healthcare providers in adapting to ongoing changes in the industry.

Relieve physicians of administrative burdens and enjoy peace of mind