Trust us and forget your concerns about your data security after taking the BPO services of Avant Garde. We provide exceptional BPO services with a guarantee to protect your data. We have set the privacy policy terms of our company in such a manner that it ensures complete privacy of our clients’ confidential data. The privacy policy of our company describes the following:

  • What type of information do we collect from our clients and website visitors?
  • Why we collect that information?
  • How will we use that information?
  • How will we protect your information?


Avant Garde formulates its privacy policy with a strong commitment to online privacy and protection of the data of users visiting its website. You must agree to our Privacy Policy when visiting the site of Avant Garde.


What type of information do we collect from the clients?

We collect and keep your information which you provide to us through different resources. Such as:

  • Through Avant Garde Website
  • Through our customer care services
  • Through mobile applications
  • Through our marketing efforts
  • Through the third party
  • Through any other way of interaction

We use encryption technology to make your data safe and secure. In addition to it, we store your data on a separate server to provide an extra layer of security. We may also store other client information too which may include:


Permanent address

E-mail address

Telephone number

Financial and payment information


Personal interests



Why We Collect This Information?

We do not disclose your personally identifiable information. The information you have provided to us will be used in offering you the best BPO services. We may also use your data to improve the overall website visiting experience for the visitors of Avant Garde. We can also use it to send you our newsletters, promotions or other marketing literature. We also keep our clients informed about the updates to the services and any changes made to any of our policies including the ones governing this page.


How Do We Use that Information?

The information we have collected from our clients is used to conduct the business, communication purposes and for the delivery of our exceptional services. We also use your information to respond to your feedback, queries, personalization of experience, analyzing your preferences, and information regarding the Avant Garde BPO services. However, you always have the choice to make any changes in your data or hide any unnecessary information. Moreover, the information used for other business purposes may also include among others:

  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Fraud detection
  • Operations
  • Payment processing
  • Legal compliance
  • Making backups
  • Reporting


How Do We Protect Your Information?

The security of your information as a visitor to the website or as a client is of paramount information to Avant Garde management. Avant Garde has instituted many security measures and procedures to protect the servers and networks that keep the personal information of our clients safe. Moreover, we have also made it compulsory for our employees to follow our privacy policy guidelines. If they violate any privacy rule, they are immediately subject to disciplinary action which includes termination. We have a stringent privacy policy to ensure complete protection to our clients to provide them with satisfactory results. Despite all the physical and other security measures, we cannot guarantee full protection of your data against any breach of information partially or fully.